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Royal Industries (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd., was established in May 1969 as a small manufacturer of prophylactics. Noticing the growing demand and the future potential for quality baby products, it sought technical expertise from Europe, and in 1971 began making nipples and pacifiers. Duly recognised by the Thai government for its skills and entrepreneurial spirit, Royal Industries was awarded promotional privileges from Thailand's Board of Investment (BOI) in 1985, a concession which greatly facilitated the company's commitment to Research and Development.

As a consequence, and with the assistance of Bayer Germany, it became the first Thai company to manufacture injection moulded products from liquid silicone rubber, a small technological step that led to great future strides.


Today, it is one of Asia's largest producers of high quality baby feeding accessories, with a dedicated workforce of over 1400 employees. Using the most advanced technology, Royal Industries specialises in the production of feeding bottles, natural rubber nipples, pacifiers, plus many other helpful and practical items associated with post-natal care.

The company's consistently excellent standards of production and customer care have established export markets for both branded and private label products in over 45 countries around the world, and the list continues to expand. In 1995, Royal Industries was awarded the Prime Minister's Export Award for Distinctive Development and Marketing of Thai-Owned Brand Exports for the Pur brand of products, and the company was awarded the ISO 9002 Certification of Approval in 1998.

In addition to maintaining current high standards assured by advanced quality control procedures, the company is equally committed to pioneering new products and processes in order to stay at the forefront of the industry. The emphasis will always be on safety, impeccable quality, innovative designs, user convenience, and fully understanding customer needs.


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